November in the garden



Avg. low 34.5° F. ‑‑ Avg. high 52.6° F. ‑‑ 2.89″ ppt.


Still time to set out garlic and shallots, weather and soil conditions permitting.

Remove leaves from brussel sprouts only as you harvest, leaving remainder to provide rain protection. Pinching out the growing tip will produce more sprouts at the same time, but shortens the length of harvest.

Check stored vegetables and fruits, periodically, for deterioration.

Tie trailing cane berries to wires. Prune fall bearing raspberries after production stops or berries become sour due to lack of sunshine. See July for pruning details November/December good time to apply manure to berries.

Grapes should be sprayed with lime sulfur between now and next February.

After all leaves have fallen from fruit trees, rake up and compost or dispose of them, along with any fruit, to eliminate disease spores.

This is a good time to set out container grown fruit and nut trees, if available. Painting the trunks of young trees with white latex paint containing 2 Tablespoons of neutral copper per gallon of paint will protect against winter injury and sunburn. Just enough water is added to dilute the mixture to a paintable consistency.

*Spray all the fruit trees with dormant oil for control of insect eggs, over‑wintering fungus spore and scale.

It is time to provide protection for the watering system. Drain lines and protect faucets and valves against freezing.

Keep a cold frame producing with lettuce and other “greens”.

During heavy rains, check drainage. Ditching and installing drain tile are solutions.

Fertilizers and spray chemicals should always be stored in a dark, dry, cool place that is unavailable to children and pets.

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