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Standard Soil Test

cost: $45 per test

Drop off or mail your soil sample(s)

Rogue Valley Soil Testing
906 SW Greenwood Ave.
Grants Pass OR 97526

Your order will be ready in 5 business days after arrival to our testing lab.

Once testing is complete, you may pick up your results in person or I will email your results.

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What We Test For

We will test your soil for:

  • PH: Acidity of alkalinity of soil. Plants will not thrive on soil that is either too acid or too alkaline because the soil pH directly affects the availability of mineral nutrients, which plants need for optimum growth.
  • E.C.: Electrical Conductivity. A measure of the amount of salts in soil (salinity of soil). When soil is too saline, it is much more difficult for plants to extract and absorb water from the soil.
  • T.D.S: Total Dissolved Salts. Along with E.C. test, measures the salinity of your soil
  • Nutrients: Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, calcium, magnesium
  • Humus: The life of your soil. Humus is the loose, crumbly material that results from the decay of organic matter — leaves, grass clippings, garden waste, peat moss, kitchen scraps, or any such material. Without it, soil is inactive and unable to produce plants, grass or flowers.
  • Sand, Silt & Clay

About Mailing Soil

Moist soil can weight quite a bit. To save on postage, make sure the soil is reasonably dry. Let your soil air dry on a paper plate for a few days. Place each sample in its own plastic zip-lock type bag.

Please do not attempt to speed dry your sample in an oven or microwave. This will destroy important micro organisms and make the test results invalid.

For multiple orders, please mark and label each sample. Any identification method will do, just so you know where each sample is from. If you are requesting a toxic elements test, please indicate that on your soil sample.

Mailing the soil to us via USPS seems to easiest for most folks.

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We will test and email the results within 5-6 days of arrival to our testing lab.

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Drop off or mail your soil sample(s)

Rogue Valley Soil Testing
906 SW Greenwood Ave.
Grants Pass OR 97526

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