November in the garden

­­ NOVEMBER Avg. low 34.5° F. ‑‑ Avg. high 52.6° F. ‑‑ 2.89″ ppt. THIS MONTH IN THE GARDEN Still time to set out garlic and shallots, weather and soil conditions permitting. Remove leaves from brussel sprouts only as you harvest, leaving remainder to provide rain protection. Pinching out the growing tip will produce more … Read more

Nurture your Soil Organically

If you are new to the term ORGANIC GARDENING, this page is for you. If you are an ORGANIC GARDENER, we hope you will enjoy picking up a new tip or two. Raising vegetables using commercial chemical fertilizers was introduced to the food growing community shortly after World War II. It was believed that through … Read more

Tomato Tips

Growing and Watering The Nature of Tomatoes Tomatoes are a heat loving, subtropical vine. Tomatoes do not need bees to pollinate them. Tomatoes are either determinate (self-limiting in size of plant) or indeterminate (continue to grow and bloom until frost). Tomatoes are related to potatoes, tobacco, some peppers, petunias. 75 – 85° is ideal air … Read more

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