Don’t Guess. Soil Test!

Don’t take chances with the time and money you put into your plants.

Test your soil to know for sure the current fertility and health of your soil.

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Soil Testing More Important Than Ever!

Soil testing should be top priority whatever you are growing — a lawn, vegetables, fruit trees or ornamental bushes. Testing your garden soil is the only way to predict a successful growing season.

Whether you are a conventional gardener or an organic gardener, the correct pH and available amounts of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus will insure a better growth. Rogue Valley Soil Testing will give you a simple, uncomplicated account of what’s in your soil and what you can do to alter and condition your garden soil to yield the results you seek.

Standard Testing

pH (soil acidity), salinity, organic matter & nutrients

Special Testing

Testing for texture, pesticides, unwanted heavy metals & damaging toxins

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No matter what you want to grow

You can’t take chances with the amount of time and money you put into your plants. Testing the soil is the only sure way you will know what your plants will yield.

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